4 Myths About Air Purifiers That Need To Be Debunked

Harrowing pollution levels and airborne pathogens have made air purifiers a necessary investment. After all, health is wealth! Whether it is your home or office, installing an air purification system is something you should seriously consider if you don’t already have one installed. Commercial grade air purifiers will ensure that every breath you inhale is nothing but fresh, clean, and hygienic air.

While browsing for commercial air purifiers, you may come across some popularly believed myths about air purifiers. Here are 4 common myths about air purifiers that people need to stop believing immediately. Read on!

Myth 1: When the pollution levels are high, air purifiers are practically useless

This is probably the most ridiculous myth about air purifiers you’ll ever read. It is argued that indoor air purification systems are useless because they can’t tackle the pollution outside your house. The fact is that installing an indoor air purifier helps create a protective bubble. It is the most effective way to drastically improve the quality of air around you.

Myth 2: You must stay in close proximity to the purifier for it to work

This is far from the truth. Air purifiers don’t operate that way. You must have heard about CADR. It stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. CADR tells you the suitability of the air purifier taking into account the length and breadth of the room in which it is to be placed. As long as you are within the specified area of the air purifier’s effectivity, you are going to benefit.

Myth 3: Air purifiers work only if all windows and doors are closed

It is advisable that you keep the windows and doors closed if the pollution outside is bad, but you need to open them from time-to-time. There are a couple of reasons for that. Air purifiers don’t get rid of carbon dioxide, so you must let in some natural air. In case of excessive smoke indoors, due to cooking or cigarettes, opening some windows is recommended.

Myth 4: Cleaning the filters is more than enough

While brushing the outside surface of the filter of your commercial air purifier may help remove dust particles to a certain extent, it is not enough. Minute particles get trapped inside the filter reducing its effectiveness over time. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the filters as and when needed.

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