I bought one of these about 10 years ago to deal with cigarette smoke and it works great still to this day. Requires semi-regular cleaning but less than most air purifiers. This thing is a beast, so take it easy with the settings, turning it up too high can produce too much ozone which can be dangerous. Highly recommended to anyone needing to deal with cigarette or cigar smoke in a fairly large area.


Alpine Air I wanted to send a quick email to say thank you! I called on December 19th 2007 and wanted to order an Alpine air purifier for my husband for Christmas. Your sales representative was very helpful and recommended the Classic XL15 and guaranteed it would arrive prior to Christmas. He was right…it arrived on December 21st. The air purifier was the last piece to completing ‘the mans room’ in which my husband and his friends could watch TV and smoke cigars and hang out. I have to tell you how amazing this air purifier is….we had 12 men in ‘the mans room’ on New Years Eve…all of them smoking cigars and we never smelled anything! Thank you for your recommendation, thank you for the amazing customer service and thank you for making my husband the envy of all of his friends.

Paris Buchanan

My husband has severe allergies, I smoke, and we have dogs in our home. My husband was getting three serum shots per week for his allergies, but even so, symptoms remained, so I told him about the Fresh Air purifier when I heard about it. He is extremely skeptical about products that sound “too good to be true”, but said he’ll give it a try for 30 days. I bought it and as each day went by, he was more and more impressed. He was feeling much better and our home smelled so clean that visitors wanted to know how we had done that. We bought the unit 2 months ago, and it’s one of the smartest purchases we ever made. We love it! Walking into our home to that wonderful clean smell is great, but best of all, my husband has quit taking allergy shots and feels so much better. He says he can’t live without his Living Lightning Air purifier.

Liza Carnelly