How it works

Understanding How Air Purifiers Work

Alpine Air Purifiers use a proprietary blend of technologies  that combines two different types of ionisation along with activated oxygen to purify indoor air: Just Like Nature Does During a Thunderstorm – But Without The Noise!

Air Purification – The Natural Way

  1. Electrical Discharges (lightning) create an abundance of activated oxygen (O3) in the air.
  2. These same discharges also create an abundance of negative ions in the air.
  3. Negative ion generation is referred to as the “Thunderstorm Effect”

Alpine Air Purification – How Does It Work?
What is Activated Oxygen – How it Works

Activated Oxygen

Negative Ions – Indoor Space Travelers

Negative Ions

Did you know that in most indoor environments many harmful particulates and contaminants usually end up in cold air returns and keep circulating through your living area over and over again? This is because the useless conventional cold air return filters do not block these contaminants from re-entering the indoor environment. These ineffective air filters simply allow the contaminants to pass right through them, and right back into your living quarters!