Commercial Air Purifiers

For a job done well you need competent employees that are healthy. In general, we leave the health of our employees up to them but there are things you can do as an employer to get the most out of your workspace and employees.

One of the most important changes you can make is to improve air quality. Poor air quality can affect mood and concentration, cause headaches, promote allergic reactions, induce fatigue and leave throats, nose, skin and eyes feeling dry and irritated. If you have noticed any of these symptoms, then it is a good decision to invest in an air purification system.

Inexpensive Air Purification for Commercial Businesses

Air purification sounds like an expensive undertaking because it brings to mind your HVAC system. Whenever, anything has to be done to your HVAC system it means that you will be spending quite a bit of money for both equipment and professional assistance. However, Alpine Air can provide you with an air purification solution that does not require any installation or set up fees, costs less than a nickel a day to operate and is shipped for free.

Commercial Grade Air Purifiers

Alpine Air Products sells a number of different air purifiers to meet your needs. Nevertheless, when it comes to air purifiers for commercial use, we have two that stand above the rest.

The Ozone Blaster 2, is designed to be easy to move and operate in a commercial setting. The unit has the power to cover an area of 3500 square feet and will cost less than a nickel a day to run.

The ozone blaster 2 will:

  • Eliminate odors
  • Remove bacteria, microorganism and viruses
  • Generally, provide 6000 hours of operation before requiring new ozone plates
  • Up to 7000mg/hr Ozone output (maximum setting)
  • Self-cleaning ozone plates

The Ozone Blaster 14G is a renovated commercial air purifier intended for heavy duty use. While its predecessor was limited to producing 1,200 milligrams of ozone per hour, the 14G beats even the Ozone Blaster 2, with 14,000 milligrams of ozone per hour on its maximum setting!

Easy to use, it’s the ideal instrument for get rid of paint smells, that new office smell, the allergens that float around pet stores and veterinary clinics, as well as auto shops. And best of all, the 14G has a self-cleaning process so all you need to do to maintain it is replace its ozone plates when necessary.

When purchasing the Ozone Blaster 14G, keep in mind that it is to be used in unoccupied areas. Before using, ensure that the space is free of occupants—and that includes pets!

The Ozone Blaster 14G costs three to four pennies a day to operate and is ready for use the moment it arrives!

What exactly is new about the 14G?

  • A heat sink has been added to the inner cabinet. This reduces heat, preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of ozone plates.
  • The power socket and timer are surrounded by protective boxes.
  • Inner connection terminals are made from stainless steel, increasing reliability.
  • While the old version had black foam pre-filters, these have been replaced with stainless steel filler solution.

Ideal air purifier for remodelers and construction

The ozone blaster 2 is meant to help those in a construction setting remove odors and microorganism from the air. This is great if you use strong smelling substances as it helps clean the area so you can get to the next step faster. As the unit only weighs 6.6 Ibs it can be brought to where you need it. The user-friendly controls make operating it a snap, and all you need is a regular wall socket to operate it.

It is important to note that The Ozone Blaster 2 is meant to be used away from people and animals. This is due to the intense cleaning ability of the unit and the ozone it produces.

Air Purifiers for Offices

If you are looking for air purifiers for smaller areas or for an office environment, then we have you covered. Check out our residential air purifiers to find units that cover 3000 square feet or less and come with a range of extra features that may interest you, such as Hepa air filters, remote controls and whisper quiet operation.

If you have any questions on how Alpine Air Products can help your business then give us a call or send us an email. One of our service representatives will be glad to provide you will all the information you need.

Finding the Right Commercial Air Purifier

When you’re buying an air purifier, whether it be for your home or place of business, the trickiest and most important part is finding the right fit. HEPA filters, negative ionizers and electrostatic precipitators are all things we here at Alpine Air Products are more than familiar with, but the average business owner probably has no idea what they are. This type of terminology, if you are not already familiar with it, can sound like a foreign language making the selection process all the more daunting.
If you are not familiar with the details of and the differences between the various commercial air purifiers available on the market today, you don’t need to be intimidated by complicated jargon or the options available. Just use this handy selection guide we have outlined below to help you decide which type of commercial air purifier is the best fit for your business.

Things you need to consider before you choose your commercial air purifier include:

Appropriate Room Size

If you purchase an air purifier that doesn’t have the capacity to clean all the air in the desired area, you’ll have to redo the whole shopping process. Make sure the measurements of your rooms are as accurate as can be and double check the purifier’s appropriate room size. Most manufacturers will indicate the size of room that the air purifier can clean efficiently and effectively.

Technology Used

There are five common types of technologies commercial air purifiers use. They are:

  • HEPA. Short for high-efficiency particulate air, this type of purifier works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles..
  • Ionic. Rather than relying on fans to move air through filters, these appliances release negatively charged ions that electrify harmful particles. When they pick up the negative charge, they get attracted to the positively charged collection plates inside the machine..
  • UV Lamp. A new air purifier technology, these work to clean your commercial space’s air by killing harmful air particles with ultraviolet light that incinerate microbial particles as they pass through it..
  • Ozone Generator. These purifiers suck in the oxygen and electrifies it to transform it into ozone. When the ozone is released, its third oxygen molecule attaches itself to pollutants and eliminates them..
  • Carbon Filter. Air passes through the carbon filter where the airborne gases, chemicals and odors stick to it through chemical reaction. They are essentially a sponge for all undesirable air particles.

What is it Being Used For?

Consider what you hope to accomplish by adding commercial air purifiers to your place of work. What type of indoor air pollution is plaguing your staff, customers or clients? Its intended use can really inform which air purifier you end up selecting.

If you have any additional questions about which commercial air purifier is right for you, feel free to give us a call at (888) 675-2616 or send us an email at and our expert staff will be glad to provide some clarity in the selection process.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

For the most part, you probably think that there is nothing wrong with your commercial space’s indoor air quality, but the fact is that indoor air quality can make a huge difference in the performance of your employees. When you aren’t able to provide your staff with quality air at work, it is common for people to suffer from dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin, along with headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, hypersensitivity and allergies, sinus congestion, coughing and sneezing, dizziness and nausea. But why is it that your workplace’s air isn’t as clean as it can be? Where are these pollutants coming from? There are three basic variations on the types of indoor air pollution.


Particulates include pet dander, dust, dust mites, asbestos dust, pesticides, pollen, post-fire ash, spray mist from aerosol products and more.


Gases include tobacco, paints, welding fumes, chemicals, varnishes, correction fluids, paint strippers, household cleaning products and more.


Germs, mold, bacteria and viruses breed in consistently moist and/or unclean environments. They are introduced into your home with water damage or when people enter your home.

There are many different reasons your commercial space can contain contaminated air. There could be pollutants hiding in the vents or it could be inside the building’s materials, which might seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Luckily, Alpine Air Products offers some of the most sophisticated commercial air purifiers money can buy. Using the latest technology, you will be amazed by how healthy your workplace can be when you invest in one of our commercial air purifiers. They are guaranteed to get rid of any contaminants that may be affecting the health, productivity and overall comfort of your team.

Are Commercial Air Purifiers Loud?

Many businesses, regardless of their field, are typically hesitant to invest in a commercial air purifier because they are worried that the purifier will end up being a big distraction. And while there are plenty of benefits to be reaped when you are providing your employees with the best possible indoor air quality, it might not seem worth it if you are also introducing a blaring sound that draws attention away from the task at hand.

The imagined threat of distraction shouldn’t deter businesses from investing in a commercial air purifier. The noise level of an air purifier depends on many different factors. The model, the fan operation speed and a person’s individual noise tolerance will all influence whether or not a commercial air purifier is loud enough to distract your employees. There are many different models we can offer you that are specifically designed to minimize noise if that is your priority. But ultimately, noise is subjective and what one person finds tolerable might be unbearable for another person. Poor indoor air quality affects us all in virtually the same way, detracting from our health and comfort.

So, don’t let this minor issue deter you from operating a healthier business. Your employees will thank you for prioritizing their health in the end.

Where Should I Put My Commercial Air Purifier?

Location, location, location! Sure, this phrase is more commonly associated with real estate, but we need to use it here to emphasize how important the placement of your commercial air purifier can be to its effectiveness. Choosing the ideal location for your commercial air purifier will ultimately be determined by the unique details of your operation, but we have collected some gathered some guidelines to help you make sure that it is in a position to work at maximum capacity.

Closest to the Source

If there is a particular area in your office where the air is a little bit off thanks to a foul smell or you are doing construction that’s been creating a lot of dust, that’s where you should look to put your commercial air purifier. Whenever you can place your commercial air purifier close to the source of contaminates, the faster it will be able to trap the particles reducing your indoor air quality.


It is important that you choose a location where the purifier won’t be obstructed by furniture or directly below shelves. Since most air purifiers have an intake near the front of the appliance, to make sure it is serving its purpose to the best of its ability, you need to make sure it has access to the many airborne particles that have contaminated your commercial space. So, if you think you have found the perfect place, double check to make sure that it isn’t obstructed so that it can work at maximum capacity.

Away From Electronics

Some electronics that run on similar wavelengths and can cause interference with your commercial air purifier from Alpine Air Products. Avoid placing air purifiers near televisions, microwaves and stereo equipment whenever possible. The good news is that air purifiers are computer-friendly, so you won’t have to rearrange your office to have high-quality air.

Working Without Interference

To maximize the effectiveness of your new commercial air purifier, make sure that all the doors and windows are shut. When you allow the air purifier to work without interference from hallways or other rooms, it won’t waste energy trying to pull in air from elsewhere.

We realize how counterintuitive this can be because you have no doubt been opening doors and windows to let fresh air in for your entire life. However, since small particles like dust and pollen are also in the fresh air outside, it’s only creating more work for your air purifier.

Consider Air Flow

The two biggest issues to consider when trying to decide where to place your commercial air purifier is where within the room would be the safest place and where the airflow will be sufficient.

As long as you don’t put it somewhere where it’s easy for people to trip over it, it should be safe. As for air flow, that depends on your building, but it is relatively easy to determine. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll eventually find the perfect place for your new commercial air purifier courtesy of Alpine Air Products.

Energy Efficient

One of the questions we’re asked regularly is are commercial air purifiers energy efficient? Well, an Alpine Air purifier costs three to four cents per day to operate if run continuously. It also only uses 12 volts of electricity with most units using far less than one amp.

Alpine Air uses unique technology that ensures that your commercial air purifier, whether you choose the Ozone Blaster 2 or 14G, will be an energy efficient option.

The Best Air Purifiers on the Market

Proudly doing business for nearly a decade, at Alpine Air we think it’s important to inform our potential clients about the benefits an air purifier can have on commercial properties. Most indoor environments house harmful particulates that people don’t think to get rid of.

Air purifiers are especially needed in commercial spaces where animals are housed or construction and painting is being done, but are also useful in keeping a general healthy atmosphere for you, your colleagues, and your clients.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about your air purifier options and make an investment in the health of your company.