3 Ways to Improve Indoor Ventilation to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

Data submitted by scientists and health organizations from around the globe to the World Health Organization (WHO) shows a strong possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19, especially in closed spaces where ventilation is inadequate. This makes improving indoor ventilation extremely vital to reduce the risk of virus transmission and keep everyone safe.

Here are three ways to improve indoor ventilation:

Install air purification systems

One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality and ventilation is to install residential or commercial air purification systems, as these systems suck in outdoor air, clean it, and throw it inside. This is all the more important for businesses and commercial facilities that have reopened or planning to reopen. They should invest in a reliable air purifier for commercial use and put it to use to ensure the safety of their employees and customers round the clock.

Turn on HVAC systems

If you have commercial HVAC systems installed in your building, it’s recommended to turn them on to maintain proper ventilation and curb the spread of COVID-19 among your family members or employees. These systems pump outdoor air inside and throw out indoor air through exhaust vents, which ensures ventilation. However, these systems should be fitted with air filters to avoid the possible transmission of the coronavirus.

Open Windows and Doors

For residential properties and those commercial properties having windows and doors, it’s advisable to keep your windows and doors open throughout the day, if possible. This will ensure that air circulates well inside the space and no transmission of COVID-19 occurs.

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