What you need to know about air purifiers | frequently asked questions

Do I have to turn off my Air purifier before going to sleep, or when I leave my house?
Alpine Air purifiers designed to work 24hrs/day, 7 days/week, to cleanse and keep your indoor environment pollution free. You should not turn off your unit at any time.

Where should I place the unit?
Please consult the individual Owner’s Manuals for unit placement. In general, place the unit in a position that will allow the natural airflow within the environment to assist in distributing what the unit is producing. You also need to place the unit as close to the ceiling as possible or at minimum, five feet off the floor, to maximize the unit’s effectiveness.

Is it easy to clean my Alpine Air purifier and how often do I have to clean it?
All Alpine Air purifiers are designed to be almost maintenance free. However the little cleaning involved ,it is very easy to do and takes almost no time. How often you will have to clean your unit depends on how polluted your indoor environment is. In case of severely polluted environment, during the first few weeks of operation, you might have to clean the unit once every week or two weeks. However afterwards, it can be cleaned only once a month. If you don’t have a severely polluted environment, you will clean the unit a lot less.

How often do i need to clean my Alpine Air Purifier?
Cleaning your air purifier as often as your owner’s manual suggests is one of the most important things to do to have your air purifier working at its best.

Are Alpine Air purifiers quiet?
Alpine Air purifiers make about the same amount of noise as the average computer fan, much less than a micro-wave or air conditioner, and slightly more than a toaster. Our air purifiers use a very quiet 5 speed fan, similar to a computer fan, this pulls enough air through the air purification chamber at a rate that creates optimum levels of purifying plasma. If sound level is an issue, select a slightly more powerful air purifier and run it at a lower speed. On low speed our air purifiers are so quiet you would have to lean down and stick your ear within inches to even be able to hear the whisper fan running, and even then, most of the sound would be the slight whoosh of air passing through the air purifier.

Are they energy efficient?
Alpine Air purifiers cost about 3 to 4 cents per day to operate if run continuously. Our unique Technology is efficient and only uses 12 volts of electricity and most units use much less than 1 amp. By comparison, many air filters can cost – a month to operate or more.]