What Should You Do When Your Workplace Is Making You Sick?

Do you believe your place of work has an absolutely healthy environment? If you often feel sick but blame the outdoor polluted air for your health troubles, chances are you’ll never catch the real culprit. Although outdoor air is contaminated with pollutants, it doesn’t affect a person’s health as much as indoor air. Because we spend most of the working hours inside a building, hidden pollutants that are present not only in the air but on the furniture as well make our bodies week and prone to falling sick.

The best option to combat bad air quality is by investing in an efficient air purifier system for your workspace. This ensures every employee breathes in fresh, clean air, which is free from dust and bacteria that make us sick. Besides improving the inhale air quality, air purifiers enhance blood circulation, strengthen up the immune system, elevate the mood, and the list goes on. To make the air cleaning process even simpler, what you can do is:

Keep the premises clean
The entire workspace should be properly cleaned at least once a week, while every workstation should be brushed daily to remove dust. It’s important to be consistent with cleaning as microscopic toxins, that are allergy triggers, often get accumulated over desks and rugs. Also, don’t forget to keep the areas near doors and windows absolutely dirt-free – the main sources for dust and dirt to enter the premises.

Add more greens
When you want to keep the air fresh, think of adding indoor plants beside air purifier. You can keep small plants on every work station that need minimum sun rays or add other big plants by the window. Not only this will aid air purifier to keep the air clean but will also add an aesthetic appeal to your commercial space.

Routinely work outside or take breaks
Spending hours inside the building makes the air stale. When you breathe it in regularly you feel tired and restless. Consider changing your work routine and go outside for a while. This gives you a break from your monotonous routine. If possible, allow you to take a rest from the work for a few days and breathe in some fresh air at some holiday destination.

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