Use Alpine Air Purifiers to Get Rid Of Pet Dander While Keeping Pets At Home

If you thought cigarette smoke, house dust, chemical gases, bacteria, etc. are the only contaminants that bring down the quality of air in your house, you’re highly mistaken. Your or a friend’s or relative’s pet may look cute and innocent, but those cute looking creatures such as dogs, cats, rodents and other animals that have got feathers or furs shed microscopic flecks of skin. These small pieces of skin are known for serving as triggers that result in an allergic reaction in certain people.

Not only their skin, pets’ saliva, feces, and urine contain proteins that are also responsible for causing an allergic reaction in people. Saliva that has been dried over time can come off from an animal’s skin and the allergens present in it can travel through the air as a result. In the same manner, particles from dried feces can also get spread in the area. Some of the most common allergy-causing proteins are Fel d 1 from cats and Can f 1 ad Can f 2 from dogs.

That is why it becomes essential for pet owners to have the best living air purifiers installed in their houses. They need to do this not only to safeguard themselves and their kids’ health but also the health of their guests and relatives, who could be especially allergic to pet dander.

Pets That Pose Allergen Threats

The most common pets in the States are dogs and cats. But it is important to note that the majority of the cases of allergies are reported from houses that have cats as their pets. And it has been found that female cats produce more Fel d 1 allergen than male cats.

Apart from that, pets that have fur have been observed to bring allergens from other sources as well such as the dust. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that animals with less hair pose fewer allergen threats; both short-haired and fur animals contribute equally toward contaminating the air quality. The fur itself does not serve as a trigger for allergic reactions.

Air Purifier for Removing Pet Dander

Pet owners do not have to remove their beloved pets from their houses because of the threats they pose. You can buy Alpine Air Purifiers and install them in your house to get rid of pet dander and keep your guests, senior members, and kids safe from any potential allergies. Since pet allergens have a jagged shape and are microscopic, they are easily spread throughout the house and attach to items such as furniture, fabrics, bedding, etc. This makes it necessary to find air purifier products that will effectively clean the indoor air so that such allergens do not settle on household items and cause an allergic reaction in people.

Alpine Air Purifiers advanced technology effectively get rid of pet dander, allowing pet owners to safely live their dear animals without any health concern.

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