Why Are Air Purifiers A Must-Have At The Workplace?

Modern-day workplaces in high-rises depend on air vents and central air conditioning units for 24×7 healthy inflow of air. But with so many people sitting in rows and rows of cubicles, is the air quality and the ventilation good enough? Is everyone actually breathing in clean air when there are so many high-powered computers heating up the entire place? We don’t think so.

The quality of air inside workplaces is not talked about very often, but it affects the productivity of employees and also their mental and physical health. Poor-quality indoor air causes short-term health issues such as irritation in the eyes, recurrent headaches, difficulty in breathing and also in concentrating. Long-term exposure to extremely poor and toxic indoor air can have more serious consequences like asthma, and even cancer.

To avoid such serious issues, it’s important to have commercial air purifiers in the office that eliminate stale air and provides an ideal indoor environment for the workers. If you are still on the fence regarding whether you should find air purifiers for commercial use, here’s a list of all the advantages they come with:

No Mold and Mildew
With most offices running around the clock, thorough cleaning might get a bit complicated. This might lead to the growth of mold and mildew in the office. It proliferates through airborne spores which might cause sinusitis, asthma, watery eyes and wheezing in humans and multiplies easily in dark and damp conditions.
Solution? Find an air purifier that’s specially designed for commercial use to keep mold and mildew at bay. It will prevent the growth of fungus by enhancing the quality of the indoor air.

Say Bye To Dust!
Many work activities can create dust, especially in factories and similar manufacturing units. Prolonged exposure to such dust for an extended period can lead to respiratory illnesses. The same can be avoided by installing commercial air purifiers that come pre-fitted with heavy-duty washable HEPA filters. As these eliminate allergy-causing microbes and dust particles, they are also well-suited for open floor offices and conventionally designed workplaces.

Odor Prevention
With so many people working, eating and chilling at one place for 5 days a week, the office is bound to emanate odors. If not dealt with, the whole place will start stinking! To avoid this catastrophe, the workplace will need thorough cleaning once in a while. The best ozone blaster air purifiers are specially designed for this purpose. Whether it’s an industrial plant or a traditional workplace, these top-grade air purifiers can get rid of the most stubborn, putrid odors at one go. It’s important to remember that these ozone blaster air purifiers are to be used only after the area is cleared of humans and animals.

Commercial-grade air purifiers that create negative ions to tackle odors can also be used fitted permanently in offices. While leaving a pleasant smell that uplifts the mood of the inhabitants, these air purifiers also enhance their health and ultimately, their productivity.

Employees spend a better part of their day at their workplaces. So ensure that you find air purifiers for commercial use to provide the best indoor air quality and environment to them. Get in touch with experts at Alpine Air Products for more information!

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