Unwanted Smells That You Can Get Rid Of With Air Purifiers

From scented candles to air fresheners, we use different products to mask the not-so-pleasant smell lurking from various corners of our living space. If a home has unwelcome odors, it is not only considered unclean but is also an unhealthy environment to breathe. Instead of trying to find temporary cures, you should get our living air purification system installed. The up-front cost of a quality air purifier is more, but it takes care of unwanted allergens and odors that trouble you and your loved ones! Here are four types of odors your air purifier will help you get rid of:

Food smells

You love the smell coming from simmering meat and marinated fish, but you would not want the scent to linger after you are done with cooking, serving, and eating. Sometimes, your kitchen and dining area can smell like food that you cooked a couple of days back. Air purifiers can take care of the stinky odor. It will not only eliminate the undesirable scent but will also ensure you only breathe in clean air!


The smell of smoke is not something that you want to breathe in at home, whether it is coming from a weekend camp-out or cigarettes. Unlike other odors, the scent of smoke can be difficult to remove. It tends to permeate your carpet, drapes, upholstery, and furniture. Alpine living air purifiers will take care of the smoke smell.


Every once in a while, we forget to take the trash out. If you dump vegetables, raw chicken fat, or leftover foods in the garbage bag and don’t take it out, your living space will stink bad. If you have experienced that smell, you already know how challenging it is to get rid of the smell. It tends to linger even after removing the bag and cleaning the trash can. Most people will mask the odor with an air freshener, but air filters do a better job.

Pet smell

You can bathe your furry friend every alternate day, but they will still have a smell. Unpleasant odor and pet dander are things that you have to deal with when you have cats and dogs! Pet dander is not good for allergies, and pet odor is just unwelcome. If you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of friends and neighbors because of the undesirable pet smell or don’t want to have an allergic reaction to pet dander, invest in our living air purification system!

Alpine living air purifiers will keep your indoor air fresh, clean, and hygienic. Get in touch with us today!

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