3 Reasons Why A Residential Air Purifier Is A Must During Winter

When we think of air pollution or poor air quality, we often conjure up images of summertime and the common issues associated with it, like dust, smog, high humidity, pollen and so on. You may be forgiven if you assume that as the temperature dips, so will your need for getting an air purifier to keep your indoor air clean. Unfortunately, reality is the opposite. While the cold air feels fresh against your skin, it is during the winter months that your indoor air quality is at its worst. Cranked up heating systems, closed doors and windows, and increased use of your fireplace are only some of the reasons that contribute to this problem. If you have been mulling over getting an air purifier, here are some reasons why you should:

  • There is decreased air circulation inside the house

The most common way to keep your home warm and safe from the cold winter draft is to tightly seal your doors and windows, but doing that also decreases the ventilation inside the house. When the air is allowed to go in and out, so do the foreign particles like dust and pollen. Decreased air circulation causes these particles to linger in the air and settle down on the surface. An air purifier can help eliminate them so that the air inside your home is truly clean and fresh.

  • There is a higher risk of exposure to diseases

The winter reason rarely ends without people getting sick from all sorts of diseases, whether it is common cold or respiratory illnesses. One of the reasons why you are more likely to get sick during the colder months is because of the disease-causing germs, bacteria and viruses that you pick up when you go out and then return home, which then settle on various surfaces due to a lack of ventilation. Installing an air purifier can remove these harmful particles, keeping you and your family safe.

  • Your home is filled with heat source allergens 

Popular heat sources used in homes, such as fireplaces and heaters, emit countless allergens like ash as well as toxins. This could be potentially dangerous for the occupants but especially for those with existing respiratory conditions. When you have an air purifier, it filters out these allergens, which makes your indoor air much safer.

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