3 Steps to Keep Winter Allergies at Bay

Although winter puts an end to seasonal pollen grains, it marks the beginning of winter allergies, which affect millions of Americans every year. And allergies in the cold months can cause discomfort, from runny noses to fever and flu-like symptoms. Those who spend most of the time indoors can also catch these allergies because of indoor allergens such as mold, dust mites, and others. And with COVID-19 forcing everyone to stay indoors, they are even more susceptible to allergies than ever before. However, you can keep yourself and your family safe and sound at home by following these steps:

Steer clear of allergens

While staying at home is a perfect way to avoid outdoor allergens, when it comes to steering clear of indoor allergens, you will need to take extra precautions. First and foremost, pay meticulous attention to your home cleanliness. Your home should be free of allergens such as dust mites, pet danders, molds, and others. Use a quality home vacuum cleaner if necessary.

Install an air purifier

Along with keeping your home spick and span to get rid of common household allergens, you should install a residential or commercial air purifier to eliminate airborne allergens from the inside of your home. By doing so, not only will your family be protected against airborne allergens, but also against a range of indoor air contaminants that cause respiratory problems.

Follow preventive measures

Last but not least, you should guide your family members to wash their hands frequently both outdoors and indoors and to avoid touching their face, nose, mouth, and eyes. These preventive measures should be, by now, your daily routine because of the pandemic.

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