Not Sure If Your Air Purifier Is Working? Check For These Signs

Considering the rapid urbanization, the level of pollution in metropolitan areas is not only putting you at risk of long-term health problems but also making it harder to breathe than it has to be. This means that air purification systems are no longer a thing of luxury but a necessity in both domestic and commercial spaces.

A clean and healthy environment can help improve your overall health by reducing the risks of respiratory illness, asthma, allergies, and other related conditions. If you use an air purifier to improve your indoor air quality, it’s important to know whether or not it’s working efficiently.

Here are a few signs that could mean your air purifier parts are due for a service by a professional before they can work to their full potential.

Poor Airflow

One of the first things to check whether your air purifier system is working properly is its airflow. A purifier needs to be able to maintain a steady airflow, or else it won’t do much good. That means air is pulled into the device and then pulled out, ultimately getting purified by the device’s filter. If you’re not sure your purifier is pulling in enough air, place your hand over the fan exhaust and feel for a draft. Any semblance of a breeze should be considered strong airflow. However, if you feel nothing, it could be your sign to call a professional.

Unusual Noise From the Fan

When you first turn on your air purifier, listen for any unusual noises. It’s normal for a fan to make some noise, especially if it’s an older model that might be less energy efficient. However, a sudden change in fan noise could mean something is wrong. If you notice an increase in vibrations or strange sounds coming from your air purifier, turn it off and contact customer service immediately.

Clogged or Damaged Filters

Have you checked your filters lately? Even if they don’t seem to be dirty, it’s a good idea to check them weekly. It’s surprisingly easy for dust and debris to accumulate even if you think your filter is clean. The filters are one of a HEPA air purifier’s most essential components. Filters clean, circulate, and release air that has been filtered and purified back into your room. Filters should be checked at least once a month and changed every three to six months.

No difference in the Indoor Air Quality

A great way to test your purifier is to step back and look around to see if it’s actually making a difference anymore. Are you noticing fewer allergies or less congestion in your home? Does dust build-up less frequently? Keeping an eye on your indoor air quality is critical for you and your family, as common irritants like pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pollution can have detrimental effects on both children and adults.

So if you notice your air purification system is doing its job as usual, then great! You’re already breathing easier. But if you see a drop in the air quality index, with dust particles triggering your allergies, your air purifier system might need troubleshooting.

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