5 Useful Air Purifier Maintenance Tips

As we become increasingly aware of the potential effects of long term exposure to polluted air, the popularity of indoor air purification devices has also grown significantly. An air purifier today has become a household item in most modern homes, and occupants use it to remove all kinds of pollutants from indoor air including dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and others.

After extensive and repeated use, air purifier parts can wear causing the device to lose its efficiency. To ensure that you have excellent air quality at home, and to increase the service life of your air purifier, it is important to take care of it properly and use it in the right manner.

This article will present some useful tips to keep your air purifier in tip top condition.

Go Through The Owner’s Manual Thoroughly

The first step in maintaining your air purifier starts with reading its owners manual. And the reason is simple, no one knows your air purification system better than the manufacturer, and the owner’s manual is where every dos and don’ts is shared to you. From installation, addressing maintenance concerns, replacement of parts, to troubleshooting, pretty much everything information you need to operate and look after your air filter will be mentioned in the owner’s manual.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Your air purifier can do its job properly with a dirty filter. In order to have excellent indoor air quality at home, replace or vacuum clean the filters in your air purifier every 6 months for pleated filters and every three months for activated carbon filters.

Look Out For Signs of Damage or Malfunctions

If you run your air purifier even with a minor damage, that could turn into more serious problems later. If you notice strange sounds or smell coming from your air purifier, or buttons not responding, turn it off and get it inspected by a professional.

Don’t Block The Air Circulation

Your air purifier has an air intake and outlet from where it sucks in the ambient air and lets it out after removing as many pollutants.. When you hinder the air circulation, either by obstructing the intake or outlet, it not only reduces the amount of air getting purified, but can cause the device to overwork. If this persists or happens repeatedly, it could lead to serious problems.

Avoid Using Your Air Purifier Outdoors

Air Purifiers are specially designed to be used indoors. This is why you’ll find that every model has a limited capacity to purify rooms of specific sizes. When you use it outdoors, it becomes completely ineffective. You also risk damaging it as you increase the chances of exposing it to weather elements such as humidity, moisture, snow, and rain which can easily seep inside.


Using an air purifier provides plenty of benefits and they are even more beneficial for occupants who are susceptible to the effects of air pollution. To get the best air quality at home, replace the filters often and keep your air purifier in top condition for optimal performance.

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