Periodic Maintenance Tips for Your Air Purifier

Indoor air pollution often results in severe allergies and respiratory problems. For overcoming health-related challenges, it is extremely important to invest in a high-quality air purifier. They are crucial for avoiding the long term side-effects of indoor airborne pollutants. High-quality air purifiers reduce the exposure to dust, dirt and other contaminants present in the air inside our homes and help us lead a healthy lifestyle.

Air purifier technology has advanced over the last few years. People can choose from HEPA, electrostatic and ozone-based air purifiers for controlling the quality of air inside their homes. These devices are highly reliable, although need periodic maintenance for optimal performance. For taking good care of your air purifier, you need to have sufficient knowledge about its parts. Here are the a few maintenance tips for different parts of a HEPA air purifier:-

Plastic casing

The outer casing of air purifiers is mostly made of high-impact polystyrene or polypropylene. It is a highly stable material and can be used efficiently in any environment. For taking good care of your purifier, keep checking for cracks for the outer surface of the purifier and contact the supplier immediately if any cracks exist.


Pre-filters act as a support system for HEPA filters. They eliminate the larger dust particles and reduce the burden on the main filters. For extending the lifespan of pre-filters, keep checking the system for clogging on a regular basis.

HEPA filters

HEPA filters are designed to extract all kinds of pollutants from the air. They trap the unwanted particulate matter permanently. When the dust accumulation crosses a certain threshold, it starts affecting the efficiency of the purifier. Most smart air purifiers available these days have a pre-installed alert system. They inform the users whenever HEPA filters are to be replaced.

Activated carbon filter

These filters are meant for trapping or absorbing the chemicals present in the air. They tend to become inactive after a certain period of time due to filling up of all the pores in activated carbon sheets. For maximizing the efficiency of your purifier, you should keep replacing the sheets on a regular basis.

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