How to Enhance the life of Your HEPA Filter

Care and maintenance are the keys to keeping your appliances working for a longer duration. Regular inspection and cleaning is necessary to keep them in a top condition. HEPA air filters are no different. The HEPA filter is designed to filter harmful particles from the air, such as dust, pollen and pet dander. Because of the particles that collect on the filter, there may be a possibility that it is exposed to risks of mold growth, which can even be released back into the air.

Is It Advisable To Clean a HEPA Filter?

Usually, HEPA filters are labeled as washable, which means that they can be cleaned. You can remove the dust by running it under the water or dusting it gently so that the mesh is not damaged. However, in case your filter is not marked as washable or is marked permanent, it is advisable that you do not try to clean it, because then you many run the risk of stretching or even breaking the fibers of the mesh. Then, you will have a clean filter that does not function properly.

How To Clean a HEPA Filter?

Different HEPA filters require you to use different methods of cleaning, which means that you should, ideally, read the manual or guide that comes with the filter. The basic steps for cleaning a washable HEPA filter are as follows:

1. Shut off or unplug the air purifier before you remove the filter.
2. Take the filter out and tap it on the ground to get rid of the particles that are stuck on it.
3. Next, run it under the water to clean it get rid of any dust or particles that may be left behind.
4. Let the filter dry for at least 24 hours before you reinstall it.

The only way you can clean an un-washable permanent HEPA filter is to take it out of the appliance and gently vacuum it to remove the debris.
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