Air Ions From Residential Air Purifiers Enhance Your Mood

In one of the Instagram browsing ventures, one of our team members came across a post and shared its caption that said- “I worry that there is something wrong in our generation; there are so many sad eyes on happy faces” (originally by a Canadian poet, Atticus).

Gen-Z is said to have the highest levels of stress with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other forms of stress. Surprisingly, the rising pollution levels add to the stress as well. An NCBI report had an interesting revelation according to which the pollutants and other invisible rays (such as those emitted from your microwave, television, and computer) tend to introduce positive ions into the air that acts as triggers for anxiety. Residential air purifiers provide an aid to this problem, thus, making them a necessary item across every modern household.

How residential air purifiers help with the situation?
If we were to recall our chemistry basics right now then ions are molecules that have lost or gained a charge. These ions are basically free radicals roaming around in the atmosphere resulting from radiations, sunrays, and other forms of catalysts. Remember, the time when you had to climb a flight of stairs because the lift broke down? Although other contributing factors may even include your bad lifestyle and minimal exercise levels, yet there is a high probability that you went out of breath because of the high levels of positive ions of that zone.

Looking into the situation, a negative ion technology was introduced in residential air purifiers. These purifiers tend to release negative ions into its surrounding air. These, then, bond with the positive ions to neutralize the charge and alleviate the quality of air.

In case you wish to google about it more, you will even come across a few articles that have compared the air quality with the freshness of a sea breeze and even the air around a waterfallor a riverside filled with lush green forest. Negative ions are invisible, odorless, and tasteless, thus, have no side effect whatsoever.

This, in turn, reduces pressure on our lungs and lessens respiratory problems which also improves our concentration, mental performance, productivity, and makes us feel more energetic.

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