4 Reasons to Use Air Purifier in The Office

Employee health and well-being is becoming increasingly important for organizations. Besides minimizing cost and loss of productivity caused by health related absenteeism, improving the overall quality of the office environment has become a strategy to facilitate employee productivity and satisfaction. One of the most affordable and effective ways to promote employee health and well-being is improving indoor air quality using air purifiers for office spaces. This article will present 4 reasons why employers should use air purifiers to create a healthier working environment in the office.#Prevents The Spread of Seasonal Flu

Every year, organizations have to deal with surges in absenteeism during flu season. This can potentially reduce productivity, hinder workflow and disrupt business operations, causing massive loss in earnings. During this time when employees are most vulnerable to cold and other illnesses, using an air purifier can eliminate pathogens and airborne particles that carry them in the office. This can significantly reduce the risk of air borne diseases transmission, helping to keep employees safe and healthy.

# Reduce Risk of Sick Building Syndrome 

Sick building syndrome refers to a host of discomfort, irritation, and lethargy experienced by employees while working in the office While there is no study that pinpoints the cause of these undesirable symptoms to a definite reason, there are studies that show that poor air quality can potentially clout the cognitive function of employees and cause discomforts such as headaches. An air purifier improves the quality of office air, reducing the risk of employees succumbing to the symptoms of sick building syndrome. Additionally, by keeping the air fresh and clean, an air purifier can create a working environment conducive to productivity and efficiency.

# Compliance With OSHA Health Guidelines

OSHA health guidelines regulate the health and safety protocols of all organizations. Failing to meet these guidelines not only compromise the safety of employees, but also creates liability issues. For small and medium sized companies, it is often challenging to fully meet the guidelines set by the authorized agency, especially when they are updated every once in a while. OSHA guidelines for indoor air quality require commercial establishments to use MERV 13 or higher rated filters. For establishments with HVAC systems not compatible with these types of filters, using air purifiers for commercial purposes is a great alternative to maintain air quality of equal standards and meet the guidelines.

# Easily Installable

Two convenient features of air purifiers is their portability and versatility. They can be placed in any area in the office where there is accessibility to an electrical outlet. Their installation does require any structural renovation or modification. And unlike HVAC filters, they do not present compatibility issues that make them versatile and easily usable.


The health and well-being of employees in the office is becoming a matter of growing importance. Employers are increasing their efforts in creating an office environment safe and comfortable for employees, and using air purifiers is an effective and affordable way to achieve that goal.

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