3 Steps To Removing Smoke Odor From Your Car | Install Alpine Air Deodorizer

Let’s admit it; some of us do smoke inside the car. While we may not have any problem when smoking, what cigarette smoke can do to the car is not so pleasing. Cigarette smell can weasel its way into the car’s upholstery, our clothes, and more, and it isn’t easy to get rid of. With odor lingering around, it can be challenging and uncomfortable for someone or those allergic to smoke to sit in the car. It is also pretty discomfiting to give someone a ride when there is a cigarette smell everywhere. To help save you from the awkwardness you could encounter, we have accumulated some tips to help you remove smoke odor from your car. Below are some to help you get started:

Start with cleaning your car

Whether or not it will be effective in removing the odor from the car, it is essential to clean your car. It also delivers good vibes around when your car is clean. Some of the supplies you might need for cleaning your car include a vacuum with a hose, microfiber cloths, a stiff-bristled scrub brush, a spray bottle, and the most suitable cleaner. Then, gather all trash and debris, remove and clean floor mats, wash the carpet, and clean the windows and all other parts of the car interior.

Use a car freshener

Some smells can be challenging to get rid of completely. A car freshener is a great way to help remove unwanted smells and make a space more comfortable. So make sure you look for the best car freshener available on the market and install it in your vehicle. But some are not that tolerable to certain fragrances. A scented car freshener may not work. If you are one of them, we have an even better idea: to install the best air purifier and deodorizer for cars. The next point will provide you with a bit more information on this.


The Alpine Air car deodorizer is probably the best device to help remove your car’s smoke odor. It comes with high-concentration ozone that can decompose various harmful gasses. The product does not produce any noise that can make it uncomfortable for some people. It has a USB output that you can connect to your phone, laptop, and other devices. It is also portable, and you can use the device not just in your car but anywhere when you travel, at work, at home, hotel, and more.

If you want to avoid smoke odor and other unwanted smells lingering on your vehicle, consider installing the ALPINE AIR CAR DEODORIZER (BUNDLE OF 10).

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