Why You Need to Buy Residential Air Purifiers

With the air pollution constantly rising to levels beyond what is considered safe, it won’t take long before it has a severe impact on public health; especially with regard to the respiratory system. This threat is not just to people who work at construction sites or drive vehicles or spend most of their time outside, but to everyone. Even those who stay at home are also susceptible to developing some serious breathing disorders.

Although the indoors are generally considered safe, as a result of air quality getting worse day by day, indoor air quality has today become a major cause of concern. According to a report, published on May 2018 by the World Health Organization (WHO), it was discovered that more than 4 million people experience premature deaths because of residential air pollution. This phenomena is believed to cause strokes, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (commonly known as COPD), and life-threatening lung cancer. Of those reported deaths, 27% were caused by pneumonia while 18% was because of stroke and 8% were related to lung cancer. This report is significant enough to shed light on the damaging effects of increasing air pollution.

That said, it’s not only a preventive step but a necessity – as essential as food, water and air – to buy residential air purifiers. Those who are and aren’t concerned about their health, now is the time that they take this alarming situation seriously and invest in a good air purifier to safeguard their family and themselves.

Air purifiers do an excellent job in ensuring that everyone at home breathes clean air that is not only dust-free but also devoid of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms known to harm the body. Since you get clean and quality air to breathe once you buy residential air purifiers, you start experiencing improved breathing, enhanced blood circulation, better mood, improved immunity and many other health benefits. This is why health professionals worldwide recommend investing in these devices.

If you are looking for air purifiers, AlpineAirProducts has a range of top-notch air purification systems, promising you quality and longevity. For the best purification of indoor air, we recommend Breeze 2. Equipped with the latest technology, it filters the air in 6 stages, ensuring the cleanest air to households.
For families with a budget constraint, we have our widely sold ALPINE AIR AP300. It’s an affordable system that make the indoor air purified as natural clean air through circulated purification, disinfection and sterilization to increase anion and ozone.

Our ALPINE LIVING AIR (XL) is another popular product that households trust and turn to. Equipped with 6 stage filtration process, it removes everything, from dust to bacteria to viruses. For such features, it’s one of the most preferred choice for people looking to buy residential air purifiers.

Check out these products today and learn more about what they have to offer. For free shipping and offers, place your order today.


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