Ionic Air Purifier or HEPA Filters- What To Choose? 

If you’re pacing up and down the air purifier aisle in your local electronics market, you must have come across the words ‘ionic’ and ‘HEPA’ quite a couple of times. You are no stranger to the benefits of air purification, especially with all the indoor pollution woes and the rising pollution level outdoor plaguing us. Right now all you need to assuage the damage from the rising pollution levels is a commercial-range of air purification for your workspace or retail. But how can you buy commercial grade air purifiers without knowing whether to choose Ionic air purification or HEPA filters?

If you’re scratching your head at these two words, don’t worry; we will help you break down the pros and cons of both so that you are equipped with the best information before you pick the one that suits you the most-

Ionic Air Purifier

Gone are the days when electric fans inside your air purifier will segregate the dust and pollutants for you. In the 21st Century, we bind negatively charged ions to the positively charged ions in the air. Sounds complicated, but this process is actually quite simple and accurate when it comes to air filtration. From bacteria and mold to volatile components, Ionic air purifiers can take care of it all. However, the effective reach is quite limited which means you may have to purchase several units for a big commercial or retail space.

HEPA Filters

Before we start on HEPA filters, let us tell you right off the bat. Filters that come with the tag ‘HEPA-type’ or ‘HEPA-like’ are not authentic and will not yield the same effect as an original HEPA. Now that being said, HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters uses fiberglass to trap in the large particles while the carbon filter sifts through the microscopic ones. These filters come with anti-microbial coating making this perfect for commercial places like health clinics or hospitals. However, HEPA filters tend to be a tad bit on the expensive side.

The Right Fit?

Choosing the right filter for you is really simple. Consider your personal needs, the total budget you’re willing to invest, the number of units you’re willing to deal with, etc.

Now, let’s take a moment to consider that both the air purification types are sturdy and effective, with the efficiency level varying according to your specific environment. Either way, if you’ve already made up your mind, we have a little something for you. At Alpine Air, we have an extensive range of air purification systems waiting for you to explore. If you’re planning to purchase commercial air purifier systems online, you’ve come to the right place!


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