Families With Senior Members Must Install Air Purifiers At Home

There was a time when people used to doubt air purifiers’ ability to remove dust, dirt, dander from houses and provide clean, fresh air. This was when air purifiers were first introduced in the market. Fast forward to present and you will see countless number of homes with air purifiers installed. This is because numerous studies have been conducted and successfully shown that air purifiers do indeed provide clean air and remove allergens and other contaminants from the space where they are placed.

Air purifiers are required for people of all ages but seniors need them the most. This is because air pollution tends to have the greatest impact on the health of seniors in comparison to young kids and adults. Elderly people especially need to breathe in fresh air as much as possible. To help you understand the importance of residential air purification systems for seniors, we have listed down some points. Let’s take a look at them.

  • In comparison to adults and young kids, seniors have been exposed to more air pollution over the years. Back in the old days, there weren’t any environmental-friendly ways of doing things and air pollution was quite a lot as industries and factories were growing rapidly. Since they have already been exposed to too much pollution, further exposure can have a serious toll on their health
  • While young kids and adults can surely get affected by germs and bacteria, their immunity is still a lot better than seniors and can withstand invasions from germs and bacteria at times. But seniors, especially if they are suffering from serious medical conditions, cannot fight off viruses and bacteria that easily. They need protection against viruses, which residential air purifiers have been found to provide quite effectively
  • If your senior loved one has diabetes, cardiovascular issues, or suffering from any other condition, breathing in polluted air every day can make their existing condition even worse. And if a senior is perfectly healthy and not affected by any medical condition, regular exposure to polluted air can easily affect their general health, and in some cases, lead to respiratory problems

If there are senior members in your family, it is advised that you get an air purifier installed in your house. Clean, fresh air is not just good for them but for your kids and yourself as well. Alpine Air makes some of the best residential air purifiers in the market. Get in touch with us to know more about our different air purifiers.

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