How Bad Quality Air Can Aggravate Asthma

The air we breathe today is not as same as it was earlier. The quality has deteriorated to a level that it contributes 3% to the global burden of disease. Widespread industrialization and deforestation have resulted in significant misbalance in the air components. The level of carbon dioxide has reached a level where the need to buy high-quality purifiers to purify the air has become a necessity. Diseases like asthma are at a peak: studies shows that 14% of the affected population are children and are suffering from asthma because of exposure to various air pollutants.

How does pollutant trigger asthma?

Human lungs are like air sacs that absorbs oxygen from the air through the nose and tiny airways. When these tiny airways are narrowed down, an obstruction in the air passage occurs that results in coughing, sneezing and tightness in the chest. An air pollutant such as dust when enters the passage of an asthma patient, the muscle walls of the airways get swollen and inflamed. The blockage or obstruction in the smaller airways needed more air in and out of the lungs resulting in uneasiness and breathlessness. An asthma patient is extremely vulnerable to triggers caused by air pollutants, therefore doctors recommend to buy a quality air purifier for a healthy life for such patients. Gases such as Ozone, smoke, and haze if exposed for the long or short term can make asthma worse.

How air purifiers can help?

Air purifiers and filters can effectively manage the occurrence of asthma attacks. They tend to remove all the small particles and allergens that can cause nasal congestion in children. Places like carpets, table, curtains and linens are more prone to house mites and allergens that are easily inhaled by people indoor. A good quality air purifier eliminates all such components in not more than 15 to 20 minutes. Germicidal air cleaners come with ultraviolet light that destroys all types of bacteria, viruses, and molds. These have shown great results in improving lung conditions of chronic lung disease patients. There are many types of air purifiers available in the market that target specific as well as whole house air purification.

Final thoughts

Air pollution has become a global concern with an increasing number of respiratory problems. Reducing carbon print along with devices like air purifiers can help in subsiding discomfort caused by any lung disease. Alpine Air purifiers have activated oxygen that removes odor and all other harmful components from the house offer cleaner and healthy air to breathe.
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