Alpine Air AP300

Clean Air for Life With the Alpine Air AP300

According to the EPA, the air inside your home is often close to 100 times more polluted than what’s outside. From pet dander to chemicals from cleaning products, there’s a lot traveling around in the air that’s unseen but can cause flare ups for those with allergies, and severe irritation to those without.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to the constant sneezing, difficulty breathing and other problems that come with being surrounded by unclean air—the Alpine Air AP300!

This quiet and efficient unit from Alpine Air Products completely eliminates smoke and household odors, while vastly reducing dust and other pollutants. Perfect for pet owners and those with allergies, this powerful unit covers up to 3000 square feet, meaning it’s a great fit for even the most spacious of houses, but also works just as well in RVs, offices and even boats!

Instantly Boost Air Quality

The Alpine Air AP300 is a top of the line, affordable air purification system that relies on a unique blend of methods to keep the air you breathe pure as can be

Your purchase of the Alpine Air AP300 comes with a lint screen, ozone plate and owners manual; the lint screen and ozone plate can also be purchased separately, so when you buy an Alpine Air Products air purifying unit your savings only increase!

With the Alpine Air AP300, all airborne debris is effectively eliminated, leaving you with air that is free of contaminants and particulates that can irritate the body. This unit is fully customizable, so you can adjust and readjust the controls as often as necessary, creating an air purification system that is perfectly matched to your environment.

How Does it Work?

As with all of Alpine Air Products’ air purification systems, the Alpine Air AP300 uses proprietary technology that mimics how air can be purified in nature. Using two different ionization types, as well as activated oxygen, the Alpine Air AP300 quietly and efficiently clean the air around you, leaving it fresh and pure.

The Alpine Air AP300 is designed to be maintenance free, so it’s as simple as finding the right spot for it, turning it on and letting it work its magic. A bit of cleaning now and then is necessary, depending on what your area’s air quality is, but the process is straightforward and easy as can be.

Breathe Better, Purchase Your Alpine Air AP300 Today

Like all of Alpine Air Products’ purification systems, the Alpine Air AP300 is a high quality unit that will help you breathe better for years to come. No required assembly and a full, three year warranty, there’s no time like the present to take advantage of the Alpine Air AP300’s affordability.

Be the proud owner of an air purification unit that uses the same technology used post-9/11 to rid the Pentagon of its indoor air pollution, and order your Alpine Air AP300 today.