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Air Purifier Systems

If you are currently in your home, we invite you take in a deep breath of air. That felt good, right? No car fumes, no factory smoke, no pesticides – but don’t reflect and assume too quickly. It might surprise you to learn that the air inside your home is actually more contaminated than the air outside. In fact, recent studies have shown that indoor air contains up to five times more the amount of pollutants than outdoor air. At Alpine Air Products, we are here to offer you a solution to your indoor air quality problems. We offer air purifier systems that can improve the quality of air in your home or place of work.

How does air purification work?

Positive ions are known to contribute to anxiety, stress, and irritability. Alpine air purifiers from Alpine Air Products produce electrical discharges, which create an abundance of activated negative ions in the air. These negative ions help to neutralize positive ions found in the air, which are often created by microwaves, TVs, and vacuum cleaners. This results in improved indoor air quality, which in turn, helps to improve stress, allergies, and sleep. This process of negative ion generation is commonly referred to as the “thunderstorm effect” due to the fact that negative ions and positive ions bond during a thunderstorm. You may have noticed that the air tastes and feels different during a thunderstorm, and you may have felt more at ease.

Four Things to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

Like anything in life, there are a range of important factors that you need to consider closely before investing in an air purifier. The simple fact of the matter is that the air inside your home or business is often more polluted than the standard of air outside. An air purifier will help with health issues  including allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. On top of that, a well-built air purifier will create cleaner, healthier air in your home or office, so you can prevent air quality-related health conditions from spreading and affecting your staff or family.

  1. First off, it’s important to ask why you need an air purifier in the first place. When choosing an air purifier, you first need to consider your indoor air quality needs. So, if you or one of your family members has an allergy then you need to choose an air purifier designed for allergy relief. These models feature high efficiency particulate air filters which are proven to eliminate 99.97% of common airborne allergies. This includes everything from pollen, dust, mold spores, ragweed and pet dander. Similarly, if you suffer from asthma, then an asthma air purifier or an odor and chemical air purifier may be best for you. These types of air purifiers are perfect for air particle removal and can reduce the associated risks considerably. Finally, smoke air purifiers are specifically designed to remove smoke, fireplace soot and other associated fumes.
  2. Next, it’s vitally important to figure out what size air purifier you need. To do this, you need to consider the square footage of the room you want to purify. You can calculate the square footage by measuring the length and width of the room in feet and multiplying the two numbers together. With this number in hand, find an air purifier with a recommended square foot coverage area that matches your room’s square footage.
  3. You need to confirm what features you want on your air purifier. After the size and type of air purifier have been determined, then you need to decide whether or not you’d like any special features included. This can include caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, digital controls, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, filter change indicators, programmable timers, air quality sensors and much more. These features aren’t just a nice novelty to have, they also add convenience that will give you greater control of your air purifier’s performance.
  4. From there, it’s important to ascertain where to locate your air purifier. At Alpine Air Products Inc., we recommend that you place your air purifier in your bedroom since that’s where you spend most of your time. You should also keep in mind that portable air purifiers are designed primarily to purify air in one room only, so you may need to invest in additional units.

Air Purifiers are for the Healthy

Air purifiers aren’t just for those suffering from allergies, respiratory issues and other ailments. Alpine Air Products are made for the fit and vigorous too. Chemicals are all around us, and we breathe them in on a regular basis; from cigarette smoke and bacteria, to mold, arsenic and even lead. If you are not experiencing allergens or health issues, it could be because, physically you are less sensitive to the toxins floating around. This only means that you are not aware of the effects these toxic spores have on you. Like a relatively young smoker who can still run up a flight of stairs without losing their breath. Right now it is just fine, but in the long run it’ll wreak havoc on your health.

Unfortunately, the pollution will catch up with you no matter how healthy you are; and slowly but surely, it will wear down that strong immune system of yours. Being exposed to poor breathing conditions for long periods of time can cause serious health issues, even in the most health conscience individuals.  It’s better to be safe than sorry and use preventative measures. By purchasing our Alpine Air Products you’ll be safeguarding yourself from harm. At least you’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing that your home is safe from such harmful chemicals.

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We offer a wide range of air purification systems, and we invite you to browse our website to get a better idea of our products. For additional information on our air purifiers or if you have questions about placing an order, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Alpine Air Expert Air Purifier Systems

Air pollution, industrial odors and seasonal allergies can make breathing difficult for many people, even while they are spending time inside the home. Major cities and similar large urban centers are known for their polluted airways so both private residences and businesses can benefit from cleaner air.

Alpine Air Purifier Systems improve the air quality inside both commercial and residential spaces, large or small.

We Provide Commercial and Residential Air Purifiers

Our expert Air Purifier Systems are designed to reduce the amount of irritants, fumes and other pollutants that cause discomfort and be found in most homes and all other ordinary urban areas.

Our trademark system is designed to minimize:

  • Odors and pet odors
  • Mold & fungi
  • Allergens
  • Chemical Irritants
  • Smoke

We Purify Air in Any Commercial or Residential Property

We have several Residential and Commercial Air Purifier Systems to match your needs. We also carry a full range of Alpine Air parts and accessories to keep your system running and the air you breathe pure for many years to come.

Our team can help you choose the best product from our selection of expert Air Purifiers to ensure you have the right system to fit your needs.

 Which Model Suits Your Needs?

We carry several high quality options for residential and portable living spaces. Choose from any of our 10 expert models to improve air quality in your home:

  • Alpine Air AP300
  • Alpine Fresh Air
  • Alpine Living Air (XL)
  • Alpine Fresh Air Surround
  • Alpine Fresh Air Everest
  • Alpine Fresh Air Box
  • Living Air Classic XL-15
  • Fresh Air To Go (Mobile)
  • Personal Air Purifier
  • Alpine Air Focus

We also have top quality professional systems for commercial spaces and businesses. We carry two models suitable for any enterprise:

  • Eagle 5000
  • Ozone Blaster

We also carry a full range of replacement parts and accessories for all our residential and commercial models, including ozone plates, lint screens, HEPA filters, RCI cells, fan motors, fuse holders and UV lamps, lint screens, harsh environment pads, living waters parts, remote controls and even the owner’s manual.

Benefits of Professional Purified Air

 Pleasant, fresh air and fewer odors and allergic reactions are just some of the reasons our customers love their Alpine Air Purifier Systems. Our clients also benefit from an efficient reduction of large particulates like dust and floating dust mites, dead skin, and pollen.

Our trademark air purification systems are made with only the highest quality products and replacement accessories, which makes Alpine Air a top choice in expert purification systems.

Contact Alpine Air for Commercial or Residential Air Purification

 We offer brand new Alpine Air units and replacement parts! Our team offers trusted, reliable assistance and will able to answer any of your questions. Call us to find the ideal Air Purification system for your home or business. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Choose an Air Purifier

With all the information available, it can be difficult to settle on which air purifier is going to be best for you. At Alpine Air Products we can help you out! With 10 models for our clients to choose from, you’ll be able to get one that suits your needs perfectly.

Just consider the following:

1. Why do I need it?

If you’re looking for allergy relief, you’ll need a purifier with Hight Efficiency Particulate Air filters. These have been proven to eliminate 99.97% of common airborne allergens!
Purifiers specified for asthma relief add chemical filtration on top of HEPA filters. Then, there are always all-purpose air purifiers which will improve your indoor air quality even if you don’t have specific needs.

2. What size do I need?

Considering where you’ll be storing your new purifier is important in the purchasing process. Simply calculate the square footage before you give us a call and we’ll recommend the size of purifier that can work within that space. Depending on your reasons for your purchase, you’ll also want to know about the Air Change per Hour or ACH rate within a space. For someone suffering from allergies or asthma, the more the better.

3. What features do I need?

You can get an air purifier with added features that help with mobility (wheels, handles) as well as ones that promote ease of use such as remote controls and filter change indicators. For more control over your purifier, ask us about the options available!

4. How much am I willing to spend?

Air purifiers can range from $50 to more than $1000, so have a budget in mind. We’ll work with you to determine the best purifier for your range.

HEPA Air Filters 

While our models don’t come with built in HEPA filters, we offer one that can be added to any Classic XL-15 model. A HEPA air purifier will catch the majority of particle .3 microns or smaller. This includes:

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen

The HEPA filter is an affordable addition for any air purifier and at Alpine Air Products we encourage the investment.

Cleaner Air Today

When you purchase an Alpine Air purifier, you can truly start to live clean. Using both activated oxygen and negative ions, you’ll see the fast elimination of odors, dander and mold.

With many options to customize your air purifier you’ll not only have clean air, but an easy-to-use streamlined machine working at all times to help you breathe better air.

Give us a call to find out even more positive information regarding air purifiers, and purchase yours today!