3 Hidden Elements in Your Home That Can Degrade Air Quality

Most people know about the most common outdoor elements with the potential to degrade indoor air quality. Dirt, debris, bacteria are some of them that can make your indoor air unfit to breathe. However, only a few know about air quality dangers present inside their homes that they may be exposed to almost every day. To help you know, here are the three hidden dangers that can make your home unsuitable to live in:


Formaldehyde is a potentially dangerous chemical gas commonly used for the treatment of construction and insulation materials. You may not know it but it’s present in almost every household, though at extremely low levels. However, with prolonged exposure, it may result in a variety of upper respiratory irritation and aggravate existing respiratory conditions. Also, those with severe sensitivities to chemicals and gases should take every step possible to get rid of it. Installing the best air purification system bought online can be a good decision to eliminate formaldehyde from indoor air.


No matter how thoroughly you clean your home, mold may still be present in your home, lurking in areas you may never have thought about. Its omnipresence is due to its ability to grow easily in a dark and damp environment. What makes it dangerous for indoor air quality is the spores it releases in the air that trigger allergic reactions, especially in people with respiratory illnesses. Also, some molds release harmful gases and odors.

Dry Air

Dry air or low humidity is difficult to avoid even when you have the best air purification system bought online installed in your home. Over time, dry air can irritate your mouth, throat, and lungs, and may also cause headaches and dry skin. However, you can always take steps to eliminate dry air from home by sealing your home so that it doesn’t leak in and using a humidifier to balance the humidity level.

Bottom Line

If you want to know whether your home’s air quality is suitable to breathe or not, consider buying an air quality meter that helps you check particles, temperature, VOCs, humidity, and other characteristics of air quality.

To make your indoor air quality free of dirt, mold, pollens, bacteria, viruses, it’s always best to get Living Air purifier systems. For the best air purifiers at affordable prices, get in touch with us today. We have a complete range of air purification systems that deliver the cleanest air into any space.


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